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Himalaya Pore Tightening Tangerine Face Wash - Tightens Pore

Tangerine Face Wash


    Himalaya Pore tightening Tangerine Face wash is an advanced formulation enriched with a special blend of herbal actives that helps tighten pores, giving skin a mattified look. The astrigent action of witch Hazel and Triphala helps tighten and minimize pores. Tangerine Peel tones the skin, leaving it refreshingly clean and shine-free.

    • Narrows the pores
    • Mattifies skin
    • Toned, refreshed, shine-free skin effect
    • Key Ingredients
    • Indications
    • Use Directions
    Key Ingredients
    • Tangerine
    • Witch Hazel

    Mixed to oily skin. Help to narrow the pores, giving the skin a matte look.

    Use Directions

    Moisten face and neck skin. Apply a small amount of gel. Massage the face avoiding the delicate eye area. Wash and wipe the skin dry.